Mobile Crane
Part Two
Cathy shows off one of the scrap
The Cat-alysts latch onto an engine
The Chairmen also have an engine
50 points for the Cat-alysts
It's even at 50 each
The Chairmen are back first with some
30 point rollers
But the Cat-alysts have hooked half
of a car
and deposit it safely for 50 more
points, taking them into the lead
The Cat-alysts have the other half
and move into a large lead!
Robert ends the first 15 minute round
after the Charimen drop 1/2 car into
their area
A bonus item! A very heavy water
barrel. Points scored depend on
how much water is left
The Cat-alysts latch on to the water
bu the Chairmen have opted for a
large frame worth 100 points
Now the Chairmen get their water
barrel for a quick 100 points
The Cat-alysts get their frame too
for another 100 points
A truck axle bring the teams even!
The Cat-alysts get a smaller axle
giving them a slight lead
But the Chairmen pull eversoslightly 
ahead with 40 points
The Chairmen also grab a 40 point
piece of junk
The Chairmen couldn't get anything else
as time ran out.  The Cat-alysts advance!