Mobile Crane

For the first time this series, two previous teams will face off against each other. The returning Cat-alysts and The Chairmen will be building mobile cranes. Each team will have a scrapheap with equal items inside, all worth various amounts of points from 10 to 50. They will not be allowed to drive their machine into the areas but must pick stuff up from the area. Once it is fully airborne, they must transport it to a drop-off area to collect the points. There will be two 15 minute rounds with the team who scores the most points advancing further in the tournament.

The Cat-alysts are going to build a crane that resembles a see-saw. A long beam (with hooks on the end) will move on a pivot point. The team will push on one end and lift the object into the air. However, their pivot point (or fulcrum) is not in the middle. If it were, they would only need the same weight to lift as the item weighs.  However, about two-thirds of their beam is past the fulcrum. That means that they will need to produce twice s much downward force to lift objects. Their shopping list includes a strong truck and sturdy beams.

The Chairmen want to build what amounts to a giant fishing pole. A beam will go off the truck at an angle with a cable running up the middle of it. A winch will reel in their object. It will have to be a sturdy beam or it might snap off. They might consider some sort of tether to steady it. They will also be well advised to find a way to turn the hook instead of jockeying their truck around. They too will need a heavy duty truck and beams.
Expert for the Cat-alysts
Tom Betts
Expert for the Chairmen
Phil Harvey
The Cat-alysts see-saw design
The Charmen want to build a fishing rod
The Cat-alysts strike first blood with
a monster truck
The Chairmen are slow off the mark in
finding any scrap
But they soon come alive with their
own goliath truck
The Cat-alysts are airborn as their boom
is strong enough for this task
Measure twice, cut once boys
The Chairmen are using this for their
boom. Looks weedy, no?
Our Judge,
Bob McGray
Robert tries to learn the jargon of lifting,
to the amusement of the judge.
The Charimen's hoisting winch
Ooh!  A close fiit indeed!
Moving your crane side-to-side is
called 'slewing'. Up & down is
called 'derricking'
Robert & Cathy try lifting a few tires
with the Cat-alysts crane
The Cat-alysts crane
The Charimen's crane

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