Hill Climber
Part Two
The McCarknow Clan's
hill stormer
The Mulewright's
mini tank
With the McCarknow Clan's expert
driving, they get off to a slow start...
...and don't even make it 1/3 of the
way up the hill
The Mulewrights expert lumbers off
and steadily climbs...
...and keeps moving forward
Amazingly, even though their tread
was ripped off their truck, it kept
climbing the final 10 feet to the top!
It's all or nothing for the McCarknows
as they try getting up some speed
They're off like a rocket!
If they make it to the top, it forces
the Mulewrights to fix their machine
and make a 2nd run
Alas, they couldn't gear down and they
end up spinning their tires about
3/5 of the way up
Their expert performs a neat little
3 point turn to roll back down the
Since the Mules made it to the top
first, and the McCarknow's only have
one run left, the Mules advance to the