White Water Rider
Part Two
The Body Snatchers fan boat
The X-tinguishers jet boat
A small leak, or three, can be fixed
with expanding foam
The X-tinguishers are off to, well, a
slow start
They make a smoth turn at the top
of the course
Where are they going? Their first
time was 1:16
Is all that smoke OK?  It's nothing
serious, just over-heated foam
And there go the Body Snatchers...
Putt putt putt...
They still come in with a respectable
time of 1:33
But their behemoth is hard to control
and they drift downstream
The Xtinguishers still experience some
smoke at their second run
A fast return back results in a quicker
time of 1:06
One Tonne Tessie is off
Those tiny rudders aren't helping turn
the boat around
With a wash of mist, they record a much
slower time of 2:00
A change of strategy has the X-tinguisher
close at the back...
...then at the front. They make much
better speed with a time of 1:01
At the start, the Body Snatchers are
on pace to win
But poor steering puts them on the
They come home to learn that their time
of 1:30 is not good enough
The X-tinguishers, those distinguishers,
are the champs today