White Water Rider
It promises to be a wet'n'wild race up (and down) the rapids as The X-tinguishers take on The Body Snatchers. The teams will have to build a boat, but not just any boat. Their boat will have to navigate a white water course. The first part is going up the river, which is flowing at 20 miles per hour, then coming back down ad re-crossing the start/finish line. Each team gets 3 tries and the team with the fastest time advances in the series.

The X-tinguishers are going to build a jet powered boat. The main piece they'll need is a jet pump, or impeller. An impeller is basically a propeller in a tube. Water is sucked in one end, spun round by the propeller and thrown out a smaller tube at the other end. The result is a jet of water that will push the boat through the water. They will have to be concerned with bouyancy and water resistance which will slow their boat down.

The Body Snatchers are going to build a platform of oil-barrels with an engine mounted fan that will blow them up the river. They will also have to be worried about fighting water resistance from their blunt ended platform, a high center of gravity, bouyancy...um...looks like they have to worry about everything.

The X-tinguishers
l to r; Morley, Captain Westy & Fergy
inset; expert Alan Pickard
The Body Snatchers
l to r; Gerry, Captain Tim & Debbie
inset; expert Colin Poole
The X-tinguishers are building a boaty
looking white water racer
The Body Snatchers are building a
platform of oil barrels
That horse-trailer roof looks like a boat
One drum down, 8 to go...
Boat. Check.
Having only 6 drums, the Body Snatchers
are building a catamaran racer
Jet ski impeller unit. Check.
That fan, when mounted, to...
...this massive engine will push their
boat along quite well
A Body Snatcher gets ready to do
some major cutting
Judge Steve Curtis
The X-tinguishers need this water tight
compartment to house their jet
Ooh! Not the best place for an errant
welding spark to land!
Holes in your boat should be patched
These prows will hopefully make the
boat more stream-lined
Cathy tells Robert that the Body Snatchers'
expert isn't sure their boat will float since
it will weigh a full ton
Fire! Fire!
The Body Snatchers take time to install
a safety cage over their fan
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