In the last semi-final, the Brothers in Arms face the Techno Teachers in a battle to mow the competition down. Each team will have one hour to harvest as much wheat as they can from an acre (approximately 6 tons of wheat). The team with the heaviest load of wheat, advances to the final.

There are two basic types of mowers. The first is the kind we're all familiar with. A blade is attached to the drive shaft of an engine. The blade spins around, cutting the grass and dropping it on the ground. The other kind has two sets of teeth that slide back-and-forth over each other, cutting the grass (sort of like scissors). The things the teams must contend with is how to cut the most hay in the time allotted and how to collect that hay.
Helping out the TechnoTeachers it's
David Preiss, through the mist
Brothers in Arms expert is David, too.
David Bagley
I think a bigger mower is needed
This London taxi will be the basis for
the Brothers
And this 1/2 ton truck will carry the
Aww shouldn't have!
The perfect bit of kit...or is it?
The teeth he's grinding off will do
the cutting
 A true combine. So called because
it combined the acts of cutting and
Our judge is Ian Flemming. Not
the Ian Flemming of James Bond
Another engine to power a
chain conveyor belt
Will that actually cut any wheat?
This is called a 'Sail' and it will push
wheat onto the collecting belt
Does that look alright Dick?

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