Missile Launcher
Returning to the scrapheap is Bowser Munson with his new team, Filth. They'll be facing the Beach Boys who took part in a demolition derby just a few episodes ago. The challenge is to launch a rugby ball the farthest with three tries.  Here's the catch...no engines of any sort. They'll have to design something to store human power.

The Beach Boys will be building an air cannon. Using 2 bicycles attached to an electric compressor (sans motor), they'll fill a giant airtank with 120psi of air pressure. The compressor works by sucking air in from one valve and forcing it out of another, like a pump. Then they'll need to open a valve quickly enough so all of the air is released at once to blow the ball out of the barrel. Can they bicycle enough to fill the tank? What about the angle of the barrel? They've got alot of "grunt work" to do before this challenge is over.

The Filth will be using leaf springs from a van to propel their ball. Leaf springs are strips of steel sandwiched together and bolted down. They'll use the springs as a bow-and-arrow to catapult the ball forward, hopefully. The main problem will be exerting enough force of the springs to store enough energy to get the ball to travel farther than the other team.

The Filth
clockwise: Bowser, Bruiser, Nic &
their expert Mike Breton
We've already met the Beach Boys but
the expert helping them will be
Stuart Harry
Look out Robert!
That's an awfully tight fit
Don't leave yet! The day's only begun
I don't think they'll be moving that van
That pipe is too big
The judge, Ivan Williams
The gist of Filth's bow-and-arrow
Now that's a cannon barrel
Robert has a conference with Filth
Robert & Cathy pedal like crazy to help
test the Beach Boys' pump system
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