Page two
The first building. 4.5" thick. The yellow
areas are safety zones. They must remove
everything to the white line.
Building #2. 9" thick, corners and a roof
to contend with. Much harder
The toughest of all. 12", reinforced brick.
Used as a protective blast wall.
The Chaos Crew's muncher takes a
huge bite out of that wall.
After a few bashes, the Beach Boys
make some progress
Disatser! A too large bite has collapsed
the muncher onto a video camera
Quick thinkers (and movers), they're
shoring up that broken beam
Meanwhile, The Beach Boys have made
small impact on the 2nd building
At the 2nd building, the Chaos Crew's
engine has overheated...
...then the hydraulic hose blew off
of their pump.
Meanwhile, the Beach Boys are off
to the final wall
But, after 3 hits, this is all the damage
they could inflict
In a last ditch effort to catch up, the
Chaos' have rammed the wall
But it's not enough to make up for the
Beach Boy's smashing success
Your first winners, the Beach Boys!