The first of the 3rd series pits the Chaos Crew against the Beach Boys in a mad race to build a machine of mass destruction. Well, sort of. The must build a machine capable of demolishing 3 types of walls at an abandoned power plant. One is regular 4.5" thick brick, one is 9" thick and the third is 12" thick and steel reinforced.

The Beach Boys are going for simplicity in a battering ram. A heavy pole, mounted on chains will be swung back and forth. The trick will be getting the ram to hit the wall at the bottom of the swing, providing the maximum amount of force. You also have to consider where to hit the wall. Hit it at the top, where it's the weakest but you get the least amount of swing or hit it at the bottom with the most swing but the strongest brickwork.

The Chaos Crew have their work cut out for them in building a hydraulic "muncher". Remember hydraulics from last series final? To quickly recap, a piston is in a sealed tube that is moved back and forth by hydraulic (fluid) pressure at either end of the tube. They'll need rams, a pump, strong support members and luck. We all know how well complicated machines work, right?

The Chaos Crew
l to r: captain Andy, John & Spike
Their expert is Steve Garfirth
The Beach Boys
clockwise: captain Chris, Jamie & Dan
The expert is Peter Cracknel
The (in)famous Scrapheap timer
A collision with the set. That won't be
good for the bodywork
Apparently, they aren't worried about
the bodywork, they're dumping it.
Going on holiday? Nope, that will be
the chassis for the Beach Boys ram
Our judge this week is John Roberts,
an engineer
These hydraulic hoses will come in handy
if you want the hydraulics to work.
From hydraulic rams to another
kind of ram
Cathy! Now look what you've done!
That is some serious cutting
Apparently, the Beach Boys are done
Look out Robert!
Looking like something from King Arthur,
the Beach Boys Bodgetastic Batterer
Looking like something from Jurassic Park,
the Chaos Crew's muncher
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