Bridging Machine

Colonel Dick is back with his brothers. It's the Brothers in Arms versus the Mothers of Invention in a bodgetastic battle of behemoths. Today our teams must build a machine that will bridge the gap...of a stream. They have to build a machine that will carry all four teammates AND it must bridge a small river. All four people must race down a hill, cross the river, grab a flag, cross back over the river and race back up the hill to the finish line.

One thing both teams have to worry about is the length of their bridge. The creek is 5 meters wide and they'll have to be sure that either they just build something long enough (like the Mothers' OctoBike) or that they've made it long enough figuring in the angle the bridge will fall off their truck (Brothers). The Pythagorean Theorm comes into play for the Brothers. The Pythagorean Theorm states that for right triangles the square of the hypotenuse (the longest side of the triangle) is equal to the SUMS of the squares of the opposite sides.  (Ie h2=a2+b2)  If h is less than 2.5 (half the width of the creek), then you know your "truck extension" needs to be longer. It'll all make sense as we progress through the episode. Trust me.
The Brothers in Arms expert is
Sargent Richard Little
Helping out the Mothers of Invention
is David Few
The Mothers hope to attach a bridge to
four bikes and cantilever it over the creek
The Brothers want to make a portable
bridge for this van
The judge is outranked by Col. Dick.
It's Major Jill Prouse
That's one way to work out your
This is an even better way
The newly-mustachioed Sgt Little
Is it strong enough?
Is that strong enough?
Some children from a local school
demonstrated how strong a small
bridge can be if designed right

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