Underwater Salvage
This is, in effect, a rare double challenge. Our 2 semi-finalists, The Chemical Brothers & The Megalomaniacs, must build a contraption that will rescue a Mini from 6 meters underwater. They must then place it on a parking space on a dock half-way across a lake. The first to do so, goes on to the final.

There are many things to consider in this challenge. How to raise the Mini and how to get it on the parking spot. You could float the Mini and tow it to the dock. You could also lift it out of the water with a crane and place it on the parking spot. Problems abound with each scheme. How do you float it? You have to get it on the surface, but not too fast or you might lose it by capsizing it. The crane has it's own problems. Weight, strength and buoyancy at the top of the list.

This is the Megalomaniacs expert,
Nick Bunch
Richard Bradshaw is the expert helping
the Chemical Brothers
This challenge will be won, or lost,
on the backs of oil drums
It would seem to be the prefect conditions
for an underwater challenge
Welding those drums together will make
an excellent barge ofrraft
Hey!  He's stealing that drum!
Our expert is Professor
William Penny
Looks like The Chemical Brothers are
going to cut some metal
The Chemical Brothers are building
a raft with a pump and weighted
oil drums to raise their Mini
While the Megalomanicas are assembling
a giant barge. I wonder what they're going
to put on such a massive platform?
Good Lord! It's a huge crane!
No, they're not building an oil driller.
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