Mileage Challenge
In the first of our 2 semi-finals, The Bodgers (who defeated the Navy Blues in an amphibious vehicle challenge) will face In A Spin (who crushed the Braniy Bunch's glider). The challenge is to buils the most fuel efficient vehicle. They'll test them on an oval track. Who ever travels the farthest, wins. The "car" must carry one person who must switch off with another teammate after 4 laps. The final teammate stays on intil they are out of gas. They'll have 1/2 pint (382mL) of fuel TOTAL to burn.

Not much "science" to this one. Lighter is good. They'll need small engines, thin wheels (to reduce friction) and light a chassis. They'll also want to reduce the physical size as much as possible to reduce air resistance. Also, to shed weight, all essential systems will need to be minimalized (steering, brakes, drivetrain, etc) to keep the weight down as well.

We've already met The Bodgers, now meet
their expert, Steve Tripia
In A Spin's expert is Jos Darling
Are they planning for an accident?
Those bikers love all bikes
This hedge trimmer's engine will provide
the power for In A Spin
Lurch inspects Bowser's welding
Our judge is 71 year old,
record holder Harold Marthly
Bowser, hard at work I'm sure
The Spins make a minor adjustment
Cathy gets a fitting
Robert presents each team with a glass
"vial" that will hold their gas
Robert & Cathy engage in an
over-the-wall chat
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