Land Yacht
In one of the oddest challenges (one of, not the oddest, that's later in the series) the orange Megalomaniacs, another team of bikers, take on the blue Driller Thrillers in a contest to buils a land yacht. It will have to seat all four of them and they have to race it, on a beach, around a course designed to take them into, and then fight, the wind.

A land yacht is a wind-powered car. They'll need to build sails and cars (or strip one down to the chassis) and make the sails moveable to take full advantage of the wind. The sail will be the key. They'll need a sturdy fabric and make it large enough to capture the power of the wind but not be too 'flappy'. The wing principle applies here (see Glider).

The Driller Thrillers 
clockwise; captain Kevin, Darren, Vince and 
expert Si (pronounced 'cy') Holder
The Megalomaniacs
clockwise; captain Nosher, Daz, Kevin and
expert Jacquie Mitchell
As I am wont to do, this is what a "proper"
land yacht looks like
This shopping list outline the essentials
both teams need for their creations
The Driller Thrillers are working like
mad men on their frame
Our judge/expert this week is Mike Hampton,
a member of the British Federation of Land Yachts
The "Megs" massive mast measures
many meters! (7 to be exact)
Oh Lord. Who gave Robert a bullhorn?
The Drillers fasten battons to one of their
sails to make it sturdier
The steering wheel is for speed control
and the foot bar is for steering. Does
that make sense to you?
Oh no! A spark from Nosher's grinder
has set their sail ablaze! No one was hurt.
What a messy workshop! I do like the
racing stripes though!
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