In this episode, our teams (the Brainy Bunch & In A Spin) have mere hours (well, 10) to build gliders. They must carry one passenger (the pilot) and the winner is determined by who can stay in the air the longest, not by distance flown.

A glider is an airplane with no engine. Gliders must be towed (or launched) into the air and stay aloft until gravity takes over and they, hopefully, land back on earth. They stay up by lift generated through air pressure. Air passing over the top of the wing must travel faster than the air at the bottom of the wing. This creates highe air pressure under the wing, creating lift. The same principle applies to hang-gliders where the passenger(s) are suspended under one giant wing.

The Brainy Bunch
David, Michael & captain Chess
hang-gliding champ David Rainer, insert
In A Spin
clockwise: Trevor, captain Rob
aircraft designer Dr Billy Brooks & Shaun
A lightweight glider? From 2 monstrous
airplane wings?
See, the air flowing over the top has to
catch up the air underneath the wing
which provides lift
I think you'll be needing that at the
end of the day
Our judge is 80 year old fly-girl
Anne Welch. I wonder if she knows J.Lo?
The look simply (pop) riveting
Hey! That's Robert's ride home!
Robert & Cathy discuss the team's
respective designs
Robert inspects the yellow's handywork.
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