Part 2
The yellow sno-globe is sealed away
The yellow team will be using
cabbage for wadding
The fins get attahced
Yellow sets their rocket up
Orange is ready to go
A great looking yellow launch
An amazing flight for yellow!   An
average speed of 192mph with a
height of 1,458 feet!
Orange's take off looks pretty good
too.  Their rocket is heavier and that
will affect their flight.
A perfect chute deployment!  Their
speed was only 150mph and the
height is just 1,034 feet.
Shen & Bowser (out of frame)
recover the orange rocket
The yellow rocket went for quite
a jaunt
Ooh.  Their rocket planted itself
into the ground.
The Yellow's globe is shattered...
...but the Orange's is in fine condition!
They tied the series with this win!