This is it, the last chance for the orange team to win one and tie the series. Today, each team will have until the sun falls out of the sky, about 10 hours, to build the best rocket possible! OK, so I'm paraphrasing but they must create rockets. The rocket is carrying a payload and an alitmeter. The team whose rocket flies the highest wins. However, if one team's payload is destroyed, it's a matter the height.

Each team is building the same style rocket. A tube with a nose cone and fins. The nose cone will allow it to slice through the air better. Less drag will give a higher height. The fins will provide stability, keep the rocket flying (fairly) straight and true. Wadding will be necessary to keep the hot gasses of the rocket from incinerating either teams parachute.
The Orange Expert
Charles Simpson
The Yellow Expert
Richard Osborne
The precious payload. A sno-globe
with a London scene
This is a rocket motor. It's basically
a glorified firework.
Why do I think of Ace Ventura when
looking at this?
Here comes the judge.
It's Dr. Chris Welch
Kali climbs out of a tent that will
soon become a parachute
Will that pipe make a suitable
rocket fuselage?
The hole in this disc will provide
a holder for an engine
Anne sews up a storm working on
their parachute
The yellow's half done rocket
Anne inspects the nosecone

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