Part 2
Oops!  The Orange team dropped
*2* screws into the carburetor of
their engine with 10 minutes to go
The Yellow's creation:
'Eat My Shorts'
The Orange's beast:
'The Great Atturn'
The Oranges weigh in at
875 Kgs (1,929lbs)
The Yellows weigh in at
900 Kgs (1,984lbs)
The battlefield
Oh no!  The Orange's engine
died on the first heat!
Orange 0 - Yellow 1
Amazingly, both pullers are
perfectly balanced!
But the Oranges start a comeback
when the Yellow's blow a hose!
Orange 1 - Yellow 1
The teams are ready for the
final race...
And yellow wins it!
Orange 1 - Yellow 2
Robert has a bottle of
champagne for the winners