The powerpull challenge is a true head-to-head competition. Each team must build a powerpuller, weighing up to 1 ton, which will be chained to each other. The teams will then compete in a tug of war (best 2 out of 3) to determine victory.

Before we get to the show, a quick powerpuller lesson. A powerpuller is, more or less, a tractor that produces an enormous amount of horsepower that will pull a sled, weighted down with concrete blocks. The big tires at the rear are for traction and the small tires at the front...well...aren't much good for anything since they're in the air most of the time. Steering, if needed can be accomplished by braking one of the rear tires. Gently.

The Orange Team's expert 
Powerpulling champ Mark Pacey
The Yellow's expert 
University teacher John Kilgour
Robert reveals the days building
Kali? Did you find what you're
looking for?
This is what a real powerpuller
looks like
Robert paints a scene
The Yellow's engine...a V8
The Orange's V6
Size doesn't necessarily matter
Kali's cooking with fire now!
Exactly what you need
A beefy wheel for the rear
Robert chats with powerpulling
association chairman Neal Davis
about the team's designs
Major Dick's wild organizational
chart looks...uh...unorganized
Robert attempts to tell
Bowser he's driving
Dave Price welds his
seat securely
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