Off Road Buggy

With the Yellow team in a 2-1 lead over the Orange team they are all heading off-road for this challenge. Each team must build a single passenger off-roader and race it around a course. It is a relay race with the first team to get their fourth driver across the finish line being declared the winner.

Each team is using the same drive system, a chain driving an axle. However, the similaritiy ends there. The Orange team is building a trike while the Yellow team are building what can best be described as a motorcycle with training wheels.

A chain system works by having a cog mounted directly onto the engine. Another cog is attached directly to the driving wheel(s) and the two are connected by a chain. A motorcycle chain is alot like a bicycle chain except it's much heavier (to withstand the stress of being spun at very high speeds) and much wider. If the 2 cogs are not lined up perfectly, the chain won't stay connected.  Worse yet, it could break and that spells disaster.
The Orange Expert
Mari Muench
The Yellow Expert
Paul Zuckowskyj
These off-roaders are off limits
That engine looks quite small
Major Dick has a briefs the troops
on their "outrigger" design
Bowser & Shen look over their
engine and mount
The judge this week is
Chris Cowl
As you can see, the Yellow team
is seriously lagging
Bowser does some fine, detail work
The yellow expert likes this new
engine over the first one

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