Sand Sleds
part two
With outriggers to keep them upright,
the Blues are just digging in the sand
Woah! A nasty tumble by Blake
shows how dangerous the cycle is
In a cloud of dust, Blake finishes with
a penalty and a time of 19m 44s
Jack drives down the hill effortlessly
but how will the steering be
Not very good's
very hard to steer
A good finish and only 1 penalty
gives them a lead with 7m 48s
A minor modification to make the bike
lean back a bit and Sherri is driving
Another spill...I wonder how this
design got past the lawyers!?
Sherri racks up one penalty and
has an awesome time of 6m 36s
A light rain has fallen and the car
works much better in the wet sand
Steering is still a problem but
Shorty isn't doing too badly
Ooh! He missed 2 gates for a total
time of 10m 37s...not good enough
The wet sand is proving to make
things harder for the blues
Trinny does a faceplant in the wet
sand...he's having major problems
Even though he couldn't see and 2
penalties, his time is 15m 02s
Doyle is the last driver and he 
is set on making at least 3 gates
His "jet engine" must be working,
this could be a very close race...
1 penalty means the reds have a time
of 5m 34s and a close win at the end!