Sand Speeders

In this challenge, the teams will be building a sand plowing vehicle. The course is a slalom in deep sand on a hillside. Teams will have to get their vehicle through each gate in order to make their run count. Each missed gate adds 5 minutes to their time. The team to complete the race the fastest in three runs advances to the next round.

Hackett wants his team to build a pontoon trike. A car engine will turn two sand wheels at the rear and a boat hull will provide "flotation" and steering through the sand via a tiller. A boat hull might have too much friction to pass through the sand easily and those sand wheels (normal wheel hubs welded together and small paddles attached) have never worked well in any previous build. Is another junkyard curse going to topple another team's hopes?

Colonel Dick's blue team are going for a totally radical design. By chopping a motorbike in half and attaching a "trailer" that the driver will stand on, this will allow a lightweight vehicle that should manage the deep, loose sand well and allow the rider to float along behind it. The obvious drawback is the odd-ball design and trying to visualize (and build) something totally new. They will also have to be concerned about he joint that connects the driver to the driver-section.
The Blue Team
Trinny, Sherri & Blake
The Red Team
Doyle, Shorty & Jack
Col Dick's Uniracer
Hackett's Sand-wheeled boat
Instead of one large hull, 2 smaller
jetskis will provide steering
This Datsun's engine should be 
powerful enough to get them across 
the finish line
To connect the engine to the sled, a
U-joint is what they want to use
A 250cc motorcycle half will be
plenty powerful for the blue team
For better traction Doyle wants
to use this large military tire
For added traction, the blue's have
bolted strips of tires across the tread
of the motorcycle's knobby tires
The Blues check out a
possible steering option
The large tires weren't going to work,
so Doyle welds regular hubs together
Ooh! Hackett gets hit in the face
when this hubcap pops off
A VW Beetle hood will serve
as the drivers platform
The Blue's Sand Cycle
The Red's Sand Boater

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