Spillproof Trucks
part two
Woah! The spinning gyro disc flew
off and could have done harm
Gently through the water pit and
very little water has been spilled
Ooh! A ditch has stopped them
cold and the engine has stalled
Gently through the rail ties and they
have spilled only 2.5g of water
Those swinging buckets seem to be
working pretty well...
The ditch claims another victim and
the spinners have lost engine power
No choice but to go for it as
time runs down
No surprise to Greg as they has been
spillage of about 18g of water
Marie drives Colonel Dick's truck
and is thrashing it pretty good
Thrashed too much and the
truck is suffering badly
The bucket has fallen off and all of
the water has been spilled out
She just makes it across the finish
line having lost all 25 gallons
Sarge is driving, and despite Col Dick's
orders, he's driving like a madman
The ditch gives him a slight problem
but he has no problems otherwise
The buckets are barely attached,
all he has to do is cross the line
Catching some air, and Sarge crosses
the finish line, picking up the win!