Fire Trucks
part two
Hackett pumps lots of water
onto his dumpster fire
Col Dick is a bit slower but he is 
putting water where it counts
Hackett is putting it to the fire
It's out and Hackett moves to the car
Col Dick is a little behind
but his fire is out too
Hackett works on getting the car
fire's an intense fire
Col Dick's truck has run out of gas
and they push it to the car fire
It looks as though Hackett
almost has the car extinguished
Col Dick and team try getting in
close to get their car out
The red's have run out of water and
have to go to the start to refill
This delay gives Colonel Dick an
advantage and he's pumping water
Hackett is back and is soaking
the car again...beating the fire down
Out of water again, Hackett resorts
to using his bucket on a stick
Col Dick is almost there...
His fire is out and they move on
to the pallet fire
Hackett pulls up to the towering
inferno and gets to work
Col Dick is behind but 
not out of it yet
Oh no! The drive shaft between pump
and engine has broken. Hackett
picks up the easy win