Field Artillery
part two
Col Dick's Bowling Ball Pitcher
Hackett's Big Ball Blower
On the first attempt, the reds are
increasing the pressure
Once the psi reach 12, this bulging
latex sheet will be popped it didn't. Just like on build 
day, the woodpecker failed to pop
Col Dick oversees the revving of
the engine and launch of the balls
A premature firing was followed by
the machine failing to work at all
By letting the latex burst on it's own,
they get a guaranteed shot
And it's good! The Red Team is
on the board with the first hit
The Blues machine is getting
all revved up for shot #2
The top wheel has stopped and the
balls are jammed...ouch!
This time, Red is going for broke,
getting up to 14psi before the burst
A WILD shot flying over the 
target and landing 200 yards away!
After a couple of failed launches, the
blues get one out of the chute and... rolls up to the target and 
bounces off of it
Sarge has had enough and breaks
through one of the targets in a fit 
of frustration and silliness