part two
Crash has had enough of Madman
and sends him for a timeout
Bowser's team added a lovely
drink holder for refreshments
Bowser's Big Battleship
Crash's Capable Cruiser
Rossi is amused by the wimpy
weapon Madman is using
They're off to a quick start and an
early lead for Red
Comin' around the bend
Red lands first and picks up Crash
Blu is taking on water as they try
reversing away from the dock
Bowser's team finally gets to their
enemy ship and reels it in
The Reds poke at the barrels
Linwood's hammer is stuck
Sparky is hammering a spike through
The Red boat is sunk
Blue quickly catches up
Blue has the lead but it's close
Bowser rings the bell a fraction of a
second before Madman, picking up
the win