Avast mateys! This challenge would make even the Jolly Roger smile. Crash and Bowser will have to get their teams ship-shape for this battle. Each team will have to build a boat that is capable of sinking the 'enemy vessel.' The teams will start on the water and pilot their boats around a buoy toward a dock and pick up their captain. Once the captain is aboard, they will weigh anchor for the enemy ship. The enemy consists of 3 oil barrels (2 metal, one plastic) and a net filled with beachballs. They will have to sink the enemy boat with whatever weapons they create on build day. Once the ship has visited Davy Jones' locker, they race to shore and ring a large bell. First team to ring the bell wins...and the other team walks the plank!

Bowser is keeping it simple. His team will take 2 identical boats and build a platform to connect them. Mounted on the platform between the boats will be a car engine that will be used to turn a propeller. A second smaller engine will be mounted to a drill, mounted to their frame, that they can push back and forth into the enemy ship to create a large hole. Finding two engines and two boats might prove two be two much two over come.

Crash is also doing a relatively simple design. He wants his team to weld 8 oil barrels together and create 2 pontoons. They will build a deck to support them and their collection of weapons. Power will come from a boat motor. Finding an outboard motor might prove tough but the biggest challenge will be overcoming the team and keeping them in line and on course to build a boat.
Bowser's Team, the Blues
Gus, Heckle and Sparky
Crash's Team, the Reds
Linwood, Madman and Jeckle
Crash would like his team to
build a catamaran attack ship
Bowser wants to build a
twin-hulled battleship
This boat does Crash no good but
the big engine will be just the thing
This small engine will be used to
power the drill on Bowser's boat
Oil barrels...the life force
of Junkyard Wars
Bower gets his two boats which
should make for stable sailing
Normally, Gremlins arn't good but
the engine outta this one is perfect
Madman, a nuclear certified welder, 
welds the barrels into pontoons
Bowser is impressed with the props
Heckle brought in. Props to him!
Axles are made of hardened steel
and Linwood uses this for a weapon
Heckle and Jeckle are twins
having some with with the others
The outboard isn't working so the
whole team tackles the problem
Bowser weilds a dangerous
weapon, a battleaxe
A piece of plywood sandwiched in
the forks of a bicycle makes a rudder
A triangular hammer punctures oil 
barrels like they're made of paper
The Blue team fires up their engine
to test their prop shaft

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