part two
As the 2nd beam was about to be
welded in place, it fell down
Crash's team hopes to snag more
points with this harpoon
As Bowser calls it, a giant
Crash has built a clam-shell
grabber for smaller objects
Crash's Crafty Crane
Bowser's Big 
That junk is down low
Crash has an engine block
Bowser snags the body and trunk
for a two point score
Bowers gets the engine block
bringing the score to 3-1
Crash gets the car body too,
raising his score to 2 points
Bowser has a tire and goes
to 5 points total
This door, plus another object,
brings Bowser's score to 7
Crash grabs 2 bowling balls bringing
his score up to 9 and closing in
Bowser tries with his scooping
box but the junk falls out
In the dying moments Bowser tries
again but can't capitalize
Crash's team wins, 11 to 8