In this weighty challenge, Messers Bowser and Crash, along with their hand-picked teams will need to construct a machine capable of lifting and separating. A dis-assembled car that is. From the top of a cliff, they will have to build some sort of crane that can reach down 30 feet to a pile of junk (about 10 feet from the base of the cliff). Each piece they lift to the top is worth one point. The team that lifts the most car parts (or any of the other goodies thrown in for good measure) in 10 minutes wins. If they can bring more than one part up at once, they get credit for each individual car part.

Crash wants to put two A-frames on the back of a truck. One is stationary and will provide support for the other which pivots up and down. It will have an interchangeable grappling device for maximum lifting opportunities. The items will be winched up once they are firmly attached and/or grasped. This will require a sturdy truck and an equally sturdy boom or it could all come to pieces when push comes to shove.

Bowser has a slightly different design in mind. Using a truck with a turntable for a base, his team will mount an extending boom on the back which will allow them to reach close to, or far away from, the base of the cliff without having to move their truck. To also aid in moving the boom, they will put it on a frame that can roll side to side. This plan doesn't require a working truck but Bowser will need a good winching system to seal victory.

Crash's Team
Rich, Pat and Shane
Bowser's Team
Hackett, Matt and Chopper Girl
Crash has a simple a-frame
design in mind
Bowser is going for an
extending boom design
Chopper Girl brings in a piece of
2 by 6 steel beam for their boom
This puny Ford quarter-ton is
the base for Crash's design
This massive truck, provided they
free it, will serve Bowser well
This winch is useless to Bowser
as it's broken and too short
Shane has found a capstan like one
used to raise and lower sails on boats
The crux of Crash's design is a pivot
to raise and lower his a-frame
To keep their truck from flipping
over the cliff, weights are added
Crash inspects his boom and raises
it with a come-along winch
Bowser is pleased with this
grappler built by Chopper Girl
Crash looks on as an 8-foot
extension is welded on his boom
Hackett welds the boom to
their wheeled support
By welding the gears of an axle,
Bowser has built his own winch
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